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Kiteboarding Trips: Adding a Positive Local Contribution fueled by a Passion for Watersports


Kiteboarding Trips

During their experience as kitesurfing girls, the KiteSirens have began traveling the world looking for the best locations to kiteboard. Starting in Barbados, both Carolina and Andrea discovered many places in the Caribbean. These spots have included the Dominican Republic, Antigua, Saint Marteen, and Costa Rica. They have also traveled in Europe and Africa, and gathered valuable kitesurfing experience in both well known and off the grid locations.

The KiteSirens are eager to share what makes them happy: a kitesurfing lifestyle connected with nature and healthy living, while surrounded by positive people.

Commitment to Social Contribution and Nature

KiteSirens was founded with a mission to be a positive influence, locally and globally. They made it a priority to positively contribute to the social systems and environments that they come in contact with.

Kiteboarding Trips Sun Tribe

Within months of the official launch of KiteSirens, they created and spearheaded the non-profit event known as Sun Tribe. The event targets youth at social risk. It offers teenage girls an opportunity to form a life guided by a healthy lifestyle. Through Sun Tribe, kiteboarding is used as a tool to empower girls to build on their self esteem and integrate into a positive social environment.

Watch the TEDx Conference by the KiteSirens about Sun Tribe!

As their interest in sharing kiteboarding trips started to blossom, the KiteSirens began to question the impact that these trips could have on local natural environments

Is it the right decision to bring more people to the kitesurf spots? What are the kitesurfers going to add to these communities? Is the environment going to be negatively affected?

This reflection brought about what today comprises the soul of the KiteSirens Trips: an opportunity to enjoy life, supported by a passion for kiteboarding and surrounding nature.

kiteboarding trips

The kiteboarding trips promote social inclusion and the improvement of ecosystems at each location they visit. The local communities benefit from a partnership between the KiteSirens and local non-profit organizations. The organizations involved fight for ecosystem conservation, or promote improved social systems.

The KiteSirens trips give a local contribution through a group effort. They allot a percentage of the fee paid by each guest and donate it to the partnered local organization.

Thinking globally and acting locally is the notion that fires up the mission of the KiteSirens trips.

This means you would be supporting social and eco projects when booking a kite trip with the KiteSirens. Find more info inside each kite trip location’s page!

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