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Karin Hedström

9 June 2017



I’ve been trying to kitesurf for a few years but this year going to Barbados I actually learnt how to kitesurf thanks to Caro and Andrea!! The clinic was just perfect, not only did I get to kitesurf in Barbados with people that know the place, they are also very good instructors. You always feel comfortable on the water with them! Another good thing about the clinic is that you get to try yoga (with a fab yoga teacher) and even do surf. The yoga is so good for stretching the body. Barbados is such a lovely kiting spot, even for beginners as me, if you only have the support of good instructors like Caro and Andrea. It felt so relaxed with all the girls at the clinic and being a girl, its so nice to be surrounded by other girls, who want to do the same things. I can only say one thing! If you have the opportunity to go, GO!!! You will have a fantastic time.


kitesirens kite trips

Alice Ohara

19 June 2017




Why don’t more women ride strapless? It’s a good question, and I’m not sure if the answer is the same for everyone. Undeniably when I started, i felt like every dude with a surfboard was popping some triple back roll, shove it combo and I was still trying to figure out how to carry my board into the wind without it smacking me in the face. Learning on your own is hard, and the stuff which should be funny is inevitably more stressful. While I didn’t learn in Barbados, i would highly recommend the conditions and the friendly reef break to all my gal pals (and the men too!) . I have been fortunate enough to kite two seasons with the KiteSirens (lovingly known as Dr Dre and Caro) and loved every second of it. Andrea will give you the push and encouragement you need, she’s always the first to drop in on a bomb set and embodies the idea that a women can do anything a man can. Carolina will make sure you have all the basics covered before you tackle that intimidating reef crossing for the first time and will always be the first person to kite up when things go astray. There are some questions specific to kitechicks….How to find the right board when your height doesn’t dictate your weight, how not to lose your bikini bottoms when you get dumped, and how to deal with pre-kite anxiety. The kite sirens have your back ladies. And when the road to progress leaves you doing the walk of the shame, they also have rum.

kitesirens kite trips

Sandra Chicot

20 August 2017



I spent four days with Andrea at Zanzibar learning to kitesurf: amazing girl, fun, patient and passionate. Completed individual lessons and really enjoyed it. I wanted to learn the sport as soon as i could and she definitely made it possible – her teaching methods were really good. Hope to see her soon in the water!

kitesirens trips

Manon Monod

12 January 2017



It was my first course in Kite Surfing and definitely not the last one ! I will definitely recommend this course to any person looking for sensations and fun ! Moreover, beyond the fact that this sport is fun, athletic and challenging the coaches are awesome ! Always smiling and willing to help you and make you progress. I had Andrea as a personal coach making my experience even better. She was always pushing me to go further even when I was not that confident, making me progressing faster. Moreover, she has a very patient temper, and she is really good at explaining and educating, making yourself feeling safe and secure. Since coaches are, I think, the most important part in learning or improving, I’ll, without doubt recommend IKO training as they are serious, competent and qualified. Thanks again girls!

kitesirens kite trips

Natalie Suarez

26 January 2017



One of the best decisions I’ve made was to take kiteboarding lessons in Barbados. I have nothing but good things to say about my instructor Andrea Rabasa. She is very professional, patient, and informative. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is interested in this sport.


kitesirens kite trips

Montana McLean

31 January 2017



Andrea and team run a tight kiteboarding school, and I was lucky to learn with them in Barbados. I was looking to learn how to kite while on vacation, after practicing with a trainer kite at home (San Francisco). I did a two day, 2 session beginner lesson with Andrea. By the end of the first day I felt confident with controlling the kite at noon, and power stroking, and by the second day I was able to power stroke and make figure-8’s with the kite, and improved greatly on being able to keep the kite steady while I wasn’t looking at it. Andrea was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. I’m stoked to keep kiting after this, and continue my journey to being a kiteboarder. I only wish I had more time on the beach with them! Andrea went above and beyond to make the lessons work for me, and I could tell she genuinely wanted me to succeed. Thank you Andrea, and thank you KiteSirens.

Gavin Simpson

24 August 2017

Melissa Gil has coached myself, my girlfriend and friends on multiple (30 plus) occasions over the last 4 years .  Whether it’s surfing , SUPing or Kiting Meli has been fantastic.  She has been warm, open and welcoming, adjusting her teaching and approach depending upon pupil and conditions.   She has taken complete beginner kiters and with patience and time helped then attain a level (often in a short space of time) that they never thought possible. Meli manages to balance a relaxed encouraging approach which makes all levels feel they can improve.  All in all Meli is great to hang out with and clearly loves spending time in and on the water!

Brian Walker

6 March 2017

I have taken many courses but my experience with the Kite Sirens in Barbados was the best. Great instruction from two very talented and competent young women who are passionate about their sport. While providing clear and concise instruction, they made the experience fun and exciting.


Kay Strellow

3 March 2017

Andrea has done a great job! At any time optimistic and really professional, very involved and a perfect way to rebuild me up at any time! Great experience and a fantastic time!!!!!


Georgiana Zmau

1 October 2016

I’ve spent two week learning this sport and it’s been fantastic, I’ve made new friends and I’ve had a great time, though I found it difficult at the start. I’m very thankful to Kitesirens for this opportunity! 😀


Jill Wheeler

2 March 2013

I went on an intermediate/advanced kitesurfing camp with Melissa Gil and Damian LeRoy in to the Cayman Islands. Meli’s approachable, engaging and humble personality makes it easy to connect with and learn from her. Whether we were kiting in good winds, swimming with stingrays, night paddling through bioluminescence or chatting by the fire, her kindness, intelligence and warmth make you feel at ease. These traits are incredibly important when building a rapport to empower and inspire women in the high-octane sport of kitesurfing! I took the most risks I ever had and learned several new tricks from following her on the water and having her break down the trick as she watched me progress. It’s one thing to be an incredible professional kitesurfer, but it’s a whole other thing to be able to teach, as well! She is the perfect package for both! I look forward to more time in the water with her!